Event Chair Rental & Chair Cover Rental - Eon Event Services

Eon specilize in furniture rental with items catagolized, like event chair rental - We provide massive quantity of artistic & modern chairs, tailor-make chair cover with designed pattern & color and produce chairs with your design to suit your special theme.

The right chair covers instantly bring a venue to life and make it look chic and up to date. You can have perfectly good chairs selected for your event, but when you add chair covers, you instantly increase the value and beauty of the venue. If you are trying to host a very elegant event, then getting the right chair covers will accomplish this. Event chair rental companies offer many different options, so choosing covers that will bring out the best in your event is very easy. Consider these tips to find the best chair cover service.

1. Ensure the chair covers will fit your selected chairs for the event. Competitive event companies offer chair covers that fit chiavari style chairs, banquet chairs, folding chairs and even square back chairs. Whatever you do, be sure that the covers will fit perfectly and look neat.

2. Always choose quality. Remember the covers are subject to stains and spills, making it important to choose fabrics that can hide stains and are easy to wash. Chair covers made from polyester are of very good quality. They are not easily torn and they stay in place. It may not be your responsibility to wash the covers, but you definitely want fabrics that will not be troublesome to your guests.

3. Choose the right colors and throw in appropriate accessories. The chair cover colors can match the theme of the event and you can use accessories like bows, flowers and sashes to complete the look of your chairs.

Event chair rental can save make your event planning much easier, especially when you complete the service with chair cover services. EON’s furniture and covers accommodate all needs with quality covers in the appropriate fabric.